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I don’t care, I’m not taking my eyes off the valuables

November 16, 2011

"Now both of you stand there and look uncomfortable. Good."


From → Sepp Blatter

  1. Roger Hatfield. permalink

    Yes Nigeria or Ivory Coast could win it one day. In fact I will make sure Eritrea or Dijibouti have a better chance than England of ever getting their fuckin hands on it again.

  2. SeppBlatterisaprat permalink

    and the winner of the FIFA World Cup for Morgan Freeman lookalikes goes to….

  3. Bingos Banjo permalink

    Someone Swiss told me a little secret about our Sepp. Hes got two left feet a beer belly he was very slow back in the day n’all. Incredible how the world works. Dont forget hes a nasty racist and he shares arab fundamentalist opinions of women. Apart from that fifa thought he was the perfect man for the job.

    Fifa should have its head office in Northwest of England. The spiritual home of the beautiful game and id av a nice chap like Bobby Charlton in charge.

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